Exceptionally well maintained, mint all around
 44-Ft Limited Edition Casa Villa - Rare, Unique.

These pictures below will give you a good idea of this outstanding Unit. 

  This is definitely a one-of-a-kind special model, if     
can even find one. As hard as anybody may
  try to obtain one, this particular Casa Villa rarely
  comes out to
market for sale. Like, almost never.  
  These sought out Units, and specially a 44-Foot 
  which is a really rare and special Limited Edition 
 (majority of the Casa Villas are 40-Ft maximum)
 are known for being among the most classy and
beautiful Units. They have earned this distinction.


  Unit will be set in a fine mobile park community,
  a high-end one with top of the line maintenance
  and security near the Kawartha Lakes, Ontario
  as a turn-key, ready-to-be-lived beautiful home.
  It'll be taken there upon buying to set it in place
and ready for you to live in it as if it's new. The
  roof is almost new (2 years), fridge, stove and 
  everything else inside 
is as new, all in perfect 
  condition all around. This fine, really mint Unit     

  has only been used for a few family occasions
  to add family accommodations when needed.
  Basically, such occasional meetings were few
  and far between so this Unit isn't needed now.
 This is why this Unit is really like brand new.

  Can come fully furnished in a style which feels
  like a comfy home the moment you step into it.

  It has one bedroom, plus a second one if you like   
  just by turning a private area into a bedroom by
  pulling out a nice and woodsy sliding wall divider.
  Also, no smoking has ever been allowed inside.

suggest to anyone interested to personally be
  willing to come to check it out,
see what higher
  quality we're talking about, in and out. The fine
  details are everywhere, in the kitchen cabinets,
  water faucets, lights, mirrors in closets, ceiling
  fan, slide door to create another room, etc. etc. 
  No detail was spared in
this Unit to make it a
  really beautiful home in every aspect possible.

   It is also great for winter (an added benefit, too)
   if you want to
 inhabit it in winter. You just need

   to add extra insulation under the Unit (no matter
   how ready for winter, this is done to all mobiles)
   surrounded by a skirt
(say, made with plywood 
   or siding to cover the space under) and that's it.
   A high-end mobile Unit as this, as most of the
   better ones in the market today, only needs the
   bottom of the floor winterized since the rest is
   fully ready for winter. Job is simple as can be, 
   it has been done in several winters and which
   brought a cozy, warm winter experience. Plus
   propane heat 
can keep it really warm up to any
 degree and it heats up fast. The bill for
   it is minimal. There is zero problem for winter. 


  I will add that... whether this Unit is to live in as 
  a summer vacation home if you're a snowbird          
    who likes to travel south, or
for all year round,
    or for your retirement as a place to really enjoy
    living life surrounded by beautiful Nature, you'll
    love this affordable, beautiful, clean-as-can-be,
    truly immaculate home. You can be the owner
    but don't wait, get into action for you to own this

   Casa Villa 44 Ft.- Limited Edition- Which is Rare To Find.   

    Make this Casa Villa 44-Ft. gem your home for;


    This makes for a most amazing Christmas gift!

                For interest in seeing it, call:

                         (705) 224 - 2203 

               Only serious inquiries, please.