Exceptionally well maintained, mint all around
 44-Ft Limited Edition Casa Villa - Rare, Unique.

Pictures below give a good idea of this outstanding Unit. 

  This is definitely a one-of-a-kind special model, if     
can even find one. As hard as anybody may
  try to obtain one, this particular Casa Villa rarely
  comes out to
market for sale. Like, almost never.  
  These sought out Units, and specially a 44-Foot 
  which is a really rare and special Limited Edition 
 (majority of the Casa Villas are 40-Ft maximum)
 are known for being among the most classy and
beautiful Units. They have earned this distinction.


 This home can easily be placed, in no time at all
(Unit is 100% ready to be towed) in one of a good number of available beautiful, high-end, fine parks, either here in Muskoka or another area you prefer, and we can arrange just about everything for you
(for an additional cost, on top of the asking price)
for you to have this mint turn-key home anywhere
you'd prefer to place the home.  Private land, too. Can even have it as an income property, definitely able to generate a solid monthly rent year round,
or rent it at a high premium on a weekly basis as
a vacation rental, which is lucrative income, too. 
  Has 6 wheels ready to tow it anywhere you want.
  This is a great benefit. If you just look around in
  regards to all the mobile park models for sale in
  Kijiji, how many of them are rigid and stationary
  in some mobile park you have to settle for? Like
  almost all of them? Here instead, you will have
  total, absolute freedom
to take it anywhere you
  want. Can't emphasize this huge benefit strongly
  enough. You are not tied down to just one single
  park (with no choice) as so many are tied down.
  Here you can simply choose where to place it!

All the 6 tires are brand new. Additionally, the
  roof is almost new, as well. Fridge, stove and 
  everything else inside 
is as new, all in perfect 
  condition all around. This fine, really mint Unit     
  has only been used for a few family occasions
  to add family accommodations when needed.
  Basically, such occasional meetings were few
  and far between so this Unit isn't needed now.
 This is why this Unit is really like brand new.

  Can come fully furnished in a style which feels
  like a comfy home the moment you step into it.

  It has one bedroom, plus a second one if you like   
  just by turning a private area into a bedroom by
  pulling out a nice hidden-in-the-wall sliding door.
  Also, no smoking has ever been allowed inside.
  This is truly a "turn-key" home, just tow it away,
  put it in a really great property that you select,
  and you've got for yourself an amazing home.

suggest to anyone interested to personally be
  willing to come to check it out,
see what higher
  quality we're talking about, in and out. The fine
  details are everywhere, in the kitchen cabinets,
  water faucets, lights, mirrors in closets, ceiling
  fan, slide door to create another room, etc. etc. 
  No detail was spared in
this Unit to make it a
   real beauty in every aspect. You can own this!


 - A cheaper way to own a cottage without the
   larger expense that a cottage can cost. Enjoy
   all the seasons with class, at a far less cost.

 - Ideal as an addition to the cottage for an extra
area to host any additional family members or
friends, weekend visitors you like to entertain.

- A great "granny suite" for visiting your children
  and spending quality time together as a family.

  What price does this have, if you think about it?


- A great getaway place from the busy city life to
  de-stress and unwind in the comfort of a second
  but affordable home, one surrounded by Nature.


- A company's headquarter in the field if you are a
  mining group, an additional luxury suite if you are
  a nature lodge, a "man's cave" for fishing, going
  snowmobiling, etc., a place to do business if you
  have clients who can appreciate great outdoors,
  or a place for your family to hang out as family.

- A snowbird's home when returning from the U.S.
  to spend half your year in real comfort in Canada.
  Own this and living in the U.S. in not a problem.



- A definitely cozy place to live for your retirement
  if you have craved a simple lifestyle that is really

  less complicated and with more Nature around.




This lovely home is fine in winter (added benefit)
   if you want to
 inhabit it in winter. You just need

   to add a simple insulated skirt under all the Unit
   (skirt these days is well insulated), and no matter
   how well winterized a mobile is, this is done to all.
   It keeps the wind from seeking entry into the Unit.
   This has been done in several winters and which
   brought a really cozy and warm winter experience.
   Propane heat 
can keep it as warm as desired and 
   the entire home heats up fast. The bill is minimal   
   which does help. So, no problem for winter time.


    I will add that... whether this Unit is to live in as 
    a getaway vacation home, or for all year round,
    or as an extra living space to an existing home
    to accommodate more family members when
    visiting for a season, or use it as a lake cottage
    if you have land by a lake, or for your retirement
    as a place to really enjoy living life in nature, act
    on this because likely this Unit will be sold soon
    being this affordable, beautiful, clean as can be,
    high-end and immaculate. You can be the owner
    but don't wait, get into action for you to own this...

    Casa Villa 44 Ft.- Limited Edition- Which is Rare To Find.   

  Bring home for you this Casa Villa 44-Ft. gem for;

            Unit is located by Huntsville, Ont.

                For interest in seeing it, call:
                         (705) 224 - 2203 

               Only serious inquiries, please.